At James Homes & Hospitality, we focus on residential development in the hearts of Austin, Denver, and Raleigh-Durham. By acquiring the best lots in the best neighborhoods, we protect our buyers investment from day one. We partner with established builders – delivering the highest standards of craftsmanship. In short, we want you to love where you live as much as we do.

We pride ourselves on being a thoughtful boutique firm. In the course of a year, we look at countless properties to develop, but we only land on a handful. That’s because we’re picky about our lots, which have to be “insulated areas” that hold their value, even in times of downturn.

Yes, we’re developers. But we aren’t builders and everything for us isn’t about our bottom line, it’s about yours. We know from experience how emotional building a home is – so we take time to invest in the relationships we’re building along the way. We’re particular about partnering with the right builders who don’t cut corners, architects with visions, and interior designers who marry function and form.

We also take this personally, because there’s nothing more personal than the place you call home. To show this, we walk each home week-by-week and make on-sight improvements (big and small) at our own cost. It all comes from our own personal experiences of dealing with builders who didn’t care enough. So we try to make it easier on you. We’re vigilant about details so you don’t have to be – bringing a vital sense of accountability and reliability to the people we serve.

When you buy from us, you’re getting more than your dream home. You’re making an impact on the community you’re settling into. James Homes & Hospitality gives 10% of the net proceeds from every project to local programs that focus on suicide education and prevention, LGBTQ+ homeless outreach, and more. Because to us, home is more than a building.


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© 2018 James Homes & Hospitallity LLC. All rights reserved.
© 2018 James Homes & Hospitallity LLC. All rights reserved.